Cell phone monitoring apps can only be used for legal purposes. It is illegal in most countries to install monitoring / surveillance software onto a cell phone or any electronic device which you do not own or have proper authorization to install.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Customers often ask us many questions when learning about web hosting. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and answers.

TurboSpy is the elite cell phone monitoring software designed to make phone monitoring quick and easy for parents and employers worldwide. TurboSpy has developed and deployed the leading monitoring software that helps parents keep their kids protect and help make sure your employees or business are thriving.

Once your purchase was made successfully, you will receive an email with an instant download link sent to the email entered during checkout.

We value our customers and offer top level of customer care to all of our customers. There is no additional fee to access our free 24hr customer support. Our team of elite support agents will be available to assist you with any of your questions and help explain the installation process. Please click here to visit our support page.

Yes, you will see the location displayed on a real-time continuously updating map. The location will appear on Google Maps, commonly used so it is straightforward and accurate.

You can complete the installation in less than 3 minutes. All it takes is to get the download link, install, and set up is complete.

Any Apple or Android device will work successfully with the TurboSpy software. This includes Android devices models 5-11 as well as Apple devices 5-12. TurboSpy will also work successfully on iPads, tablets, and all well-known operating systems.

TurboSpy will remotely gather data from the phone on where the software was installed. After installation is successfully completed, it will begin gathering data from the device and upload it to the secure servers provided. You can access the data by logging into the control panel, which you will receive when purchasing the program.

Everything will be sent directly to the email provided at the time of purchase. You will receive an activation link that will direct you to the step-by-step photo installation instructions in the email.

Installing the software differs on the type of device you are looking to install onto a tablet, iPhone, iPad, or Android device. For Apple products, it is necessary to have the Apple ID and password, or iCloud login credentials associated with the device to install successfully. As for Android devices, you will need possession of the device for at least 2 minutes. After that app is successfully installed, you will not require possession of the phone any further. Just download, activate, and setup is complete!

Possession of the device is required for both Apple and Android devices. Apple devices will require the Apple ID and password of the device and will need access if 2FA is enabled on the device.

Android devices will require possession of the phone you would like to monitor for 2-3 minutes to complete installation. Once the software is successfully installed, no other control is required unless a malfunction or update error occurs on the monitored device.

You will first need to unlock the domain name at your current registrar. You will then need to request the EPP code from your current registrar. An authorization link will be sent to your registered email address associated to that domain. You will then need to goto our website to request the transfer. Our website will also for the EPP code. Once you enter the EPP code it will initiate the transfer. It will then take 24-48 hours to transfer the domain to us.

Internet services are not required for the application to work successfully. The device must be on and have service for our software to work successfully.

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