Cell phone monitoring apps can only be used for legal purposes. It is illegal in most countries to install monitoring / surveillance software onto a cell phone or any electronic device which you do not own or have proper authorization to install.


TurboSpy comes with tons of features to help you monitor any mobile device.

TurboSpy Monitoring Features For iPhone and Android Devices

TurboSpy phone monitoring software comes loaded with every feature you will need to monitor any phone.

Call Logs

You can view all the incoming and outgoing calls on the target device’s call log with all the data including the name, date and time.

GPS Tracking

From your dashboard you can view all locations of the target device on a Google Maps format. The target device can be tracked within 50 feet.

Photos and Videos

All photos and videos sent and received to the target device will appear in your dashboard.

Text Messages

You will be able to view an exact copy of every text that has been sent or received by the target device even if they’ve been deleted.

Social Media

Monitor all social media activity on apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and others. Including likes, messages, and all other activities.


You can expect to see a list of all numbers saved to the device with the name and number or any other details listed with the contact.

Additional Features


All keystrokes entered on the device like private messages, Instagram captions, and any other characters will be saved.

Browser History

Now you can review every site visited, inkling URL, frequency of access, and a snapshot of the website visited.

Remote Uninstall

Close any operation smoothly and silently using the remote uninstall feature.

Search Alerts

Alerts user when a pre-designated search term is searched on the mobile device.

Monitor Apps

Monitor all installed and running applications on the target phone easily.

Free Upgrades

With free lifetime upgrades you can monitor your device regardless of manufacturer OS updates.

Remotely Lock Phone

You can remotely lock the target phone anytime from anywhere. This feature is especially useful if the device is lost or stolen.

Block Applications

Blocks the installation of pre-designated app on the target phone.

Remote Picture Taking

You can activate target phone to take picture from remote location.

GPS on Command

Upload GPS coordinates and show it on a Google map.


Monitor all emails being sent or received by your employees, children, or any other family member.

WhatsApp Messages

TurboSpy makes it possible to read all WhatsApp messages easily.

TurboSpy Compatability

TurboSpy Can Be Installed on all Apple and Android Devices

TurboSpy can be installed on all Apple and Android devices. The installation process is quick and easy and can be done without any technical experience. Once installed, login from your own device and start monitoring.

  • Compatible With All Android Cell Phones / Samsung, LG, HTC
  • Google Pixel, Motorola And More!
  • Compatible With All Android Versions / Android 5 - 11
  • Compatible With All Apple Devices / iPhones 5 - 12, iPads
  • Compatible With All iOS Versions / iOS 7 - 15

TurboSpy Pricing

TurboSpy Pricing
is Affordable and Flexible

TurboSpy has two affordable pricing structures to help you find the right plan with the features you are looking for. You can upgrade your plan at anytime if you find that you need additional features. Take a look at our pricing plans to learn which one will work best for you.


One Time Payment

  • Limited Features
  • Monitor Calls, Texts, GPS
  • iPhone or Android
  • Messaging Apps
  • Keylogger

Buy Now


One Time Payment

  • All Features
  • Monitor Calls, Texts, GPS
  • iPhone or Android
  • Messaging Apps
  • Keylogger

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