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Spyzie Review – Should You Try This Spy App?

The digital age has ushered in an impressive number of benefits for everyone. However, along with the advantages are some threats, most of which are perpetuated by cyberbullies and cybercriminals. For instance, as helpful as the internet and various social media platforms are, they also, probably unwittingly, host inappropriate content and other threats. This is where kid tracker apps, parental control iPhone and Android apps, or spy phone apps, in general, come in handy.

So what is the best parental monitoring app? Is there really a spy software or app that can ensure cell phone safety while efficiently tracking a device? There are several spy and monitoring apps in the market; one of them is Spyzie monitoring app. But is Spyzie at par with the best spy apps in the market? This Spyzie review, like most Spyzie reviews, will shed light on some queries you may have about this app, so read on.

What Is Spyzie? 

The Spyzie app is a cell phone tracker and parental control app. It’s reasonably easy to use and is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. The data extracted from the target device are updated on the user’s account every few minutes. Using Spyzie, you can conveniently track a cell phone and monitor activities.

  • Text Messages
  • Contacts and Call Logs
  • GPS Phone Tracker
  • Browsing History
  • Photos and Videos
  • Social Media Apps
  • Cell Phone Apps

How To Install Spyzie

Spyzie can be used in monitoring both iOS and Android devices. 

Install Spyzie on iPhone

Spyzie is compatible with all versions of iPhone and iPad; it also does not require you to jailbreak the target iOS device. Start using Spyzie to monitor iOS devices by doing the following:

  • Register for Spyzie by creating an account on their official website
  • Choose a subscription scheme
  • Verify the iCloud credentials of the target iOS device
  • Use your Swayzie login credentials to go to your dashboard and view the extracted data from the target device

Install Spyzie on Android 

It takes more work to install Spyzie if you’re monitoring an Android device. First off, you’ll need to disable Google Play Protect. Just open the Play Store > Palay Protect > Settings > Disable Play Protect. After that, proceed to download and install the app by doing the following:

  • Download the Spyzie software from their website. 
  • Install the app on the target device.
  • There will be a series of app permissions that you’ll need to grant, starting with access to the mobile network.
  • Agree to the privacy policy and EULAS (after reading, of course).
  • Grant other permissions such as location, read call history, read SMS. calendar, contacts, etc.
  • Tap Proceed to Settings to enable System Services in Auto-start management.
  • Enable Usage Data access and accessibility by also tapping on Proceed to Settings and toggling on System Services.
  • After the permissions, you’ll be given the option to hide the Spyzie icon. Hiding the icon does not affect the software’s performance since it is designed to run in the background.

How To Use Spyzie

So how does Spyzie work, and how can you start using it? You’ll need to create a Spyzie account then select the type of device that you wish to monitor. Before proceeding with the installation process, you’ll need to purchase the software. You can choose from different subscription plans to find the plan that works best. You’ll need to provide all the required information to install the software successfully. Once installed, the software will now start extracting data from the target device.

You can view all the information by logging in to your Spyzie account to access your dashboard. 

Spyzie is a good enough tool for:

Child Monitoring

Spy and monitoring apps such as Spyzie are also great parental control apps. It helps ensure the online and mobile security of your kids. The location tracking feature is beneficial in keeping track of your kids’ whereabouts. Keeping track of the people your child is connecting with, especially online strangers can go a long way in ensuring their safety.

Employee Monitoring

Track a cell phone or multiple cell phones issued to your employees. Monitoring company devices will also help ensure that all files that are being sent or received will not compromise your business. As a bonus, it can also help boost employee productivity.

How Much Does Spyzie Cost? 

Spyzie does not offer a free trial nor a one-time payment scheme. It does, however, offer several payments or subscription packages for both Android and iOS monitoring.


  • Basic (good for monitoring 1 device)
    • $39.99 for 1 month
    • $59.99 for 3 months
    • $99.99 for 12 months
  • Premium (good for monitoring 1 device)
    • $49.99 for 1 month
    • $69.99 for 3 months
    • $119.99 for 12 months
  • Family (good for monitoring 3 devices)
    • $69.99 for 1 month
    • $99.99 for 3 months
    • $199.99 for 12 months


  • Family (good for monitoring 5 devices)
    • $99.99 for 1 month
    • $199.99 for 3 months
    • $399.99 for 12 months
  • Premium (good for monitoring 1 device)
    • $49.99 for 1 month
    • $79.99 for 3 months
    • $129.99 for 12 months
  • Business (good for monitoring 25 devices)
    • $399.99 for 1 month
    • $699.99 for 3 months
    • $999.99 for 12 months

Is Spyzie A Good Product? 

Spyzie, like most software or products, has its weak and strong points. In the end, it will be up to you to decide whether it’s the spy and monitoring app for you. There certainly are better apps out there, but for basic monitoring, Spyzie does a pretty good job. Here are some of the key points that may help you decide.

  • It is compatible with iOS and Android devices.
  • It may not support as many features as other spy apps, but it can still effectively keep track of a target device’s activities.
  • Some of the features also didn’t work when they were tested, although we’re quite unsure whether this has something to do with the target device or the software itself.
  • It offers various payment plans, which seems great at first until you consider that a one-time payment would be better.

Other Phone Monitoring Solution: TurboSpy

There’s quite a number of cell phone spy apps to choose from in case the Spyzie monitoring app doesn’t quite fit what you’re looking for. One such device is TurboSpy; it’s powerful monitoring software that has an array of great things to offer its users.

  • It supports Android and iOS devices.
  • It’s easy and secure to download and install.
  • It provides a user-friendly and streamlined personal dashboard for real-time monitoring.
  • It allows users to keep track of various in-phone and online activities such as messages, call logs, multimedia files, emails, browser history, GPS location, phone diagnostics, and so much more.
  • It offers a one-time payment scheme which means no more thinking about those monthly payments.

Although Spyzie is a good monitoring software, I believe that TurboSpy is superior. The price of the Turbo Spy App is much better for parents and employers to use and see if they can get the results they are looking for. Although new to the industry, Turbo has proven to be a better software and has better pricing to help find a package that best meets the needs of all its customers.