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mSpy Review: Is This Spy App Worth Trying?

mspy review turbospy

In contrast to its negative reputation, there’s more to a spy app than just a tool that enables the user to intrude on somebody else’s privacy. Aside from monitoring features, the premium and elite versions of such tools are also packed with various parental controls and security settings that could significantly help parents and employers alike.

Spy apps provide remote real-time access to the target device, making it easier for users to monitor and protect loved ones and confidential data. Let’s see if mSpy software is a tool that could best cater to your needs, or there are better options available.

What Is mSpy? 

mSpy is a paid application that enables users to spy on other people’s Android or iOS devices remotely. Its developers have designed the program with mobile safety and data security in mind. They’ve loaded it with features that are supposedly capable of extracting information, initiating filters, and retrieving data in real-time.

Basically, the idea behind mSpy is not only to spy on someone’s phone activities but also to, as much as possible, steer them away from potential cyber threats. The mSpy Snapchat feature, for instance, should record snaps before being permanently destroyed. Through this, you’d know and address in case your kid, per se, is engaging in inappropriate conversations or getting exposed to explicit content.

How Does mSpy Work? 

mSpy cell phone monitoring app works by establishing a secure connection between the target device and the software’s servers. After properly installing and activating the app, it’s expected to simultaneously gather data and upload it into a cloud-based control panel.

By theory, there’s minimal to no user input required for this cell phone spy app to function correctly. All you have to do is to access your personal dashboard from any internet-enabled device. From there, you can remotely monitor, access, and control the target phone.

mSpy parental control software is designed to work well with any iOS or Android device, regardless of the brand, type, and model. It’s also expected to be compatible with all network carriers.

How To Use mSpy On iPhone and Android

Most users install mSpy cell phone tracker to ensure their kids stay safe online or to ensure their business transactions are secured. This is why their developers are working hard to ensure it remains compatible with newly released iOS and Android versions. The parental control on iPhone, for instance, is claimed to be available without the need for jailbreaking.

For Apple devices, you’ll need physical access to the target device and the user’s credentials. For Androids, it requires manual installation, so you have to gain physical access to the device.

Here are the steps to installing the mSpy software.

  1. Choose the Subscription of Your Choice. Depending on the features you wish to access, select the package then settle the required initial payment. Check your email for confirmation and further instructions.
  2. Install the mSpy Software. Start the installation process and fully activate the software by following the on-screen instructions.
  3. Start Accessing and Monitoring. Log into your control panel using the credentials to be provided to you. This is where you can access the recorded logs.

What Are The Key Features of mSpy?

mSpy cell phone spy app offers various settings and functionalities. Its key features include:

  • Recording phone incoming and outgoing phone call logs.
  • Accessing sent, received, and deleted text messages.
  • Display conversations within third-party monitoring apps like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and Skype. 
  • GPS location tracking and geo-fencing.
  • Viewing photos, videos, and other multimedia files.
  • Monitoring browser history and social media activities.
  • Blocking inappropriate websites and/or content.

Is mSpy Worth Trying? 

If we solely focus on the advertised promises on their website and other digital platforms, mSpy really sounds promising. The advanced inclusive features could, indeed, make for an excellent parental control app that’s capable of tracking a device with efficiency and convenience. This is, of course, provided that the software actually delivers.

Unfortunately, as most mSpy reviews state, the tool isn’t as efficient and reliable as advertised. Yes, by theory, this app is proposing great solutions for phone dangers and online threats. However, its algorithms aren’t coping up well enough, resulting in frequent system crashes and feature malfunctions.

Some users encounter troubles as early as the installation process, especially those who wish to monitor iPhones. Others are able to activate the software successfully, but after a few days, the app just stops working. Then amidst the issues, their customer support is surprisingly hard to get a hold of. Above all, the packages offered could get really pricey with the monthly fees and additional charges for better or extra features.

Another Phone Monitoring Solution: Turbo Spy App

Tubro spy and monitoring app

So, what is the best parental monitoring app? Honestly, at some point, we believed mSpy is the answer to that question. After browsing through feedback, conducting research, and initiating tests, this parental monitoring app apparently isn’t competitive enough to secure mobile security and user safety.

We’ve looked into several other kid tracker apps with our desire to identify the most efficient and reliable cell phone monitoring for parents. Good thing we’ve come across Turbo Spy & Monitoring software. Though barely new to the market, it offers various advanced features that truly deliver.

Unlike mSpy, Turbo monitoring can be available for a one-time payment only. All packages are inclusive of monitoring features, parental controls, and security settings. Plus, 24/7 access to customer support with live specialists and free lifetime upgrades.

The Turbo spy app is super easy to use – from app installation to dashboard navigation. iOS compatibility is also unquestionable without the risk of iCloud locking. It’s also compatible with any Android device and can be installed via an over-the-air link. Once activated, all processes are streamlined and automated, simultaneously extracting and uploading data. It can capture even activities done on third-party apps and retrieve files that have long since been deleted or compromised.