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How To Read Text Messages From Another Phone

Chat conversations are meant to be kept private. Nevertheless, there are certain instances wherein one might have to read another person’s text messages for that person’s sake or all parties involved. In fact, most SMS tracker apps are designed explicitly as parenting aids or as business tools. 

However, regardless of your reasons, be sure to handle all acquired information responsibly and professionally. The methods we’ll be sharing with you here must be used only for legal and lawful purposes such as child and employee monitoring. So read on if you’re one of the many phone users wondering how to read someone’s text messages or what is the best parental monitoring app.

Is it Possible To Read Text Messages From Another Phone Remotely? 

Technology has, indeed, gone a long way in making our day-to-day lives more convenient and comfortable – from running personal errands to fulfilling social responsibilities to completing school works to accomplishing business transactions. 

Mobile apps, software, and programs are great examples of technological advancements that most cell phone users commonly utilize. So if you’re wondering if it’s possible to read messages from another phone remotely, the short answer is yes. Aside from messages, it’s also possible to gain real-time coverage of all activities and diagnostics of other people’s devices without having physical access to those. This includes GPS locations, multimedia files, web browser searches, social media interactions, network connections, and so much more.

Whether you wish to read messages to confirm something or to ensure cell phone safety, there are various methods you could use – from built-in tools to phone trackers to third-party text spy software. 

How To Read Text Messages From An Android Phone

Is it possible to remotely read text messages of someone else’s Android phone? Yes. Is it possible to read someone’s text messages without installing software on their phone for free? Yes. Is it possible to read Android messages without rooting the target device? Yes.

As aforementioned, technology enables us to do things that we’ve previously thought impossible – text message spying being one of those. Android phone monitoring with messages can be achieved even without installing third-party software or using a unique parental monitoring app. Here’s how.

Device Pairing

This feature allows you to read messages via the paired web browser. From the target phone, navigate to the Android Messages app > tap on the Burger icon or three-dot button on the top-right > select Device Pairing > tap on the QR code scanner. Then on your computer, open your web browser > type in and launch Messages for Web > hold your previously set-up phone, then scan the QR code displayed on your computer. You may tick on the “Remember this computer” box for automatic pairing.

Windows’ Your Phone Companion App

This app allows you to access recent photos and view text messages in real-time. You’ll first need to link the target Android phone to any Windows 10 computer to set up. Download the Your Phone Companion – Link to Windows (in the Google Play Store and the Galaxy Store) or Your Phone (In the Microsoft Store) on Android and Windows 10 computers. To work, the same Microsoft account must be logged into both devices, and they should also be connected to the same network.

Network Carrier 

While not all, some network carriers keep copies of conversations and, in certain instances, disclose such records. The Verizon Messages app, for example, allows users to view conversations remotely.

Google Drive 

Google Drive is by default, the cloud storage of most Android devices. It offers file backup and data recovery features to a wide range of information, including SMS messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, locations, and so much more. Of course, this will only work if the target device is linked to an active Google account and that the Google Drive backup is enabled and synced.

Cross-Platform Messaging Apps

If your target user utilizes third-party cross-platform messaging apps to communicate, then all you have to do is download the same app to your personal device. However, you’ll have to gain access to their account credentials, which could get a bit tricky.

How to Read Texts From An iPhone or iPad

Privacy and security are Apple’s top priorities; hence, it’s a bit more challenging to spy on iPhone text messages. However, though they have strict mobile security protocols in place, it’s still possible to track a cell phone or any iOS device. Here are some ways worth a shot.


Apple’s iMessage is a centralized messaging platform that could be accessed simultaneously using different iOS devices. Some users consider this an innovative parental control iPhone feature as it allows parents to view their kids’ conversations even without their phone in their possession. All you need are the Apple ID logged in to the target iPhone, any iOS device, and access to the internet.


iCloud is Apple’s cloud storage. Similar to Google Drive, this allows you to access files, activities, and data from any linked iOS device. When enabled, all sent and received messages are saved in the iCloud. All conversations are automatically synced and displayed when you sign in to any other device using the same Apple ID.

Network Carrier 

Again, depending on the network carrier, you may download any available message viewing app they offer, or you could reach out to them to get a copy of available recorded conversations. 

Cross-Platform Messaging Apps

Similarly, suppose the iPhone user you wish to monitor uses third-party cross-platform messaging apps. In that case, you simply have to acquire their login credentials and access their account from your device.

Read Text Messages with TurboSpy

All of the methods mentioned above work – no doubts about that. However, the real question lies in the level of efficiency and convenience that each of them offers. 

For instance, you’d still need to manually access and enable this feature from the target device to read iPhone conversations via iMessage. Whereas, using the Turbo cell phone app, you could remotely hack text messages without access to the phone. Similarly, should you need to view conversations within third-party messaging apps, you won’t actually need to gain access to the target user’s login credentials if you’re already using TurboSpy

TurboSpy is a monitoring software that’s designed to dig deep into the target device and acquire information while in stealth mode. It can be installed without the need to root or jailbreak the phone you wish to monitor. The installation process is quick and easy by using the over-the-air (OTA) link or logging in to one’s Apple credentials (for iOS monitoring). 

This spy software grants you remote real-time access to all activities and engagements, including SMS texts, video messages, emails, call logs, and so much more. All this information can be viewed from a cloud-based control panel that you can access anytime using any internet-enabled device. The Turbo Spy App has proven to be the elite Android and iOS monitoring app to help everyone read and view the messages from another device.