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Checklist for App Installation


App installation is as easy as choosing an app and clicking on a few prompts. Easy access to all types of apps does come with some risks. Such risks mainly include privacy and security compromises due to malicious software and the like. You must, therefore, be constantly vigilant when choosing and installing an app. For instance, an iOS or Android spy app remote installation could either be dangerous or perfectly safe depending on several factors such as the source and the software developer.

What to Consider When Installing an App? 

There will always be some form or type of risk when it comes to using your smartphone and other devices. This is especially true if the internet is added to the mix. Whether you are getting a game, a fitness app, monitoring software, or any other app, here are some things to closely inspect or consider before downloading and installing an app: 

  • Source

It’s always best to download an app from your operating system’s official store – Play Store or Google Play for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. At the very least, make sure that you are getting a third-party app from a reputable app market or repository.

  • Developer

Make time to check out the app’s developer and/or vendor. There will usually be a website link or email address on the app’s description or details. Take note that reputable developers are very easy to research. While at it, you can also check their privacy and security policies.

  • Permissions

Always check an app’s permission requirements. Yes, an app must have access to certain aspects and features of your phone in order to properly function. However, some apps slyly require app permissions to gather data that is totally unrelated to its function. 

  • Reviews

Take time to check out the reviews. Pay special attention to the negative reviews. Also, be keen on filtering out fake or planted reviews – both positive and negative.

  • App-Related Numbers

Make sure to check the app’s download size. Will your phone be able to accommodate it? Also, check the app’s ratings and consider the number of downloads. An app with millions of downloads, even if it may not have a perfect rating, could be a testament to the app’s trustworthiness and usefulness.

Android Installation on Android and iOS Devices

Installing an app is easy enough to do, especially if you’re getting the phone app from the Play Store or the App Store.

  • Android Apps from the Play Store
  1. Go to the Google Play app.
  2. Find the app you want.
  3. Check the app’s details – permissions, reviews, ratings, and the like.
  4. Tap the Install button.
  • iOS Apps from the App Store
  1. Go to the App Store app.
  2. Find the app you want.
  3. Check the app’s details. Note: If a game app says Arcade, you need to subscribe to Apple Arcade to play the game.
  4. Tap the Get button or the price.

But what if you need to install an app that’s not on the official app stores? For instance, you may need to do a remote installation spy app for iOS or a hassle-free Android spy app remote installation. Or maybe, you need to install a game or software directly from its website.

How to Download Android Apps without Google Play?

If you’re thinking of sideloading an app, here are the steps you must take:

  • Modify your device’s system settings. The method may vary depending on your Android version. In essence, you need to navigate to your Security Settings, select Unknown Source Installations (or a similar tab) and select the app you’ll use to download the app.
  • Go to the third-party app store or repository of your choice. Most APK downloaders automatically install the app once downloaded. In some instances, you’ll need to install and activate the app yourself.
  •  Go to your default folder and install the file. Tap on the app menu’s default file explorer app and go to the Downloads folder. Click the app’s APK files to initiate the installation process and follow the prompts.

How to Download iOS Apps without App Store?

There are two main ways to download apps without using the app store.

  • Sideload Apps. You can bypass the app store and download the app directly from the app’s website. You’ll need to enable Developer Mode to install apps from sources other than the App Store. 
  • Jailbreak iOS Device. You can also opt to jailbreak your device. This will easily allow you to download apps that are not from the App Store among other things. You must proceed with caution though and consider the risks of jailbreaking your device.

How to Protect Yourself from Harmful Apps?


Here are some precautionary measures and best practices you can observe to protect yourself from harmful apps.

  • Get your apps from trusted sources such as the App Store, the Play Store, or other reputable app repositories.
  • Always check which permissions an app requires.
  • Avoid signing in to an app with your social media accounts as this usually leads to data collection.
  • Keep your apps and your operating system updated.
  • Delete the apps that you no longer need or are no longer using.
  • You can use security software to help you filter out malware and spot fake apps.


Always be vigilant when it comes to any form of app or software installation on your device. You can do an iOS or Android spy app remote installation free of charge, for instance, but is the software itself risk-free? It’s perfectly fine to explore other ways to get an app, just be extra careful about it.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why are some apps not available in the app store?

This could be for various reasons including the app’s legality, unavailability in your region, security risk, poor functioning, and the like.

  • What is sideloading?

Sideloading is essentially installing apps directly on your device from another source instead of getting them from your official app store.

  • Is it safe to jailbreak or root my phone?

When you jailbreak or root your device, you may be disabling some features that are meant for your security. As much as possible, refrain from doing it. If, for instance, you’re doing it for iOS or Android spy app remote installation, it would be better to look for a more reliable monitoring software like TurboSoy that wouldn’t require jailbreaking or rooting.

  • Are APK Files Safe?

Generally, APK files are safe but only if you download them from reputable sources. Stay clear of open-source downloaders that aren’t screened or controlled.