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Why I Monitor My Teen’s Electronics and Why You Should Too

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Aside from the necessary clothes or accessories, traditional toys, and usual school supplies, parents of this modern era also need to shop for the best iPhone or Android device for their kids. Such electronic gadgets seem to have become necessities and not just mere luxuries. 

And yes, these devices have several advantages, including easier communications and accessible information sources. But as they say, too much of anything is poison. This is the main reason I carefully picked the best cell phone monitoring app for parents to help me monitor my child’s online activities and regulate their screen time.

3 Main Cyber Risks Parents Should Be Wary Of

I sit down with my teens and try to be more involved with their personal lives – both in real life and in the virtual space. Unfortunately for us parents, there are things we can’t control. And no matter how hard we prepare or protect our children, predators out there also work hard to lure and target our kids. 

Nevertheless, monitoring and guidance can go a long way, so be sure to continue doing so. Here are the main threats you must look out for.

  • Cyberbullying

Bashing and trash-talking seem to have become more accessible since the bully can’t physically see their victims – usually forgetting there’s a real person on the other end. If no precautionary measures are implemented, our teens could be exposed to harsh/violent language.

  • Phishing/Hacking

Mindless surfing online also increases the possibility that our kids unknowingly click on malicious links or access compromised sites. If we are just to let them use their phone without restrictions, they become more vulnerable to hackers, scammers, and other cyber predators.

  • Child Grooming

My personal fear – paranoia – is for my precious child to fall into the hands of a child groomer. These cybercriminals are willing to go through all the trouble of building a “friendly” relationship with kids while grooming them into sexual partners.

Excessive Mobile Phone Use: Various Effects on Kids/Teens

Yes, aside from the various forms of cyber crimes, there are several other reasons parents must not be complacent with their teen’s phone activities. Here are some of those.

  • Mental/Behavioral Effects
  • Attention Deficiency

A study at the University of Southern California shows that digital overload could result in Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Kids then have difficulty focusing, organizing, and completing tasks efficiently.

  • Impatience and Irritability 

More frequent mood swings are also causes of excessive gadget use. This could be why our teens become more impatient and more easily irritable. They have reduced tolerance for almost everything.

  • Aggression

Phone users could be exposed to harsh and violent environments if no applicable filters or safety protocols are implemented. Inappropriate media content with no proper guidance could result in uncontrolled aggression.

  • Impaired Learning

Technological innovations have significantly impacted even learning processes and coping mechanisms. Certain studies prove that electronic gadgets can cause delayed learning and poorer retention.

  • Stress and Anxiety

Just the presence of a phone could make the owner anxious. Not to mention those media content, such as frightening news and work deadlines, that can fuel anxiety and trigger stress. 

  • Void and Depression

Usually, without even noticing, teens tend to compare their current situations and circumstances to what seem to be the “luxurious” and “comfortable” lives of the people they see online. This fosters deep loneliness resulting in depression.

  • Emotional/Social Effects
  • Detachment

Social isolation is one of the top consequences of spending too much time online or using devices. Kids nowadays prefer socializing online to real life.

  • Miscommunications

Texts/chats don’t capture emotions, so miscommunication becomes more likely. The presence of gadgets also affects the quality of conversations.

  • Extremely High/Low Self-Esteem

The online stuff our kids see could significantly boost or reduce their self-esteem. They become either too boastful or too shy.

  • Insensitivity

Virtual socialization is less likely to sharpen our teen’s understanding of non-verbal cues. Worst-case scenario, they turn out to be self-centered brats.

  • Poorer Time Management

Online communication makes it easier to cancel a trip or postpone a meeting, wasting everyone’s time. Plus, social networks foster procrastination.

  • False Reality/Expectations

If there’s no proper guidance, teens could turn virtual fantasies into their real-life realities. This could negatively affect the relationships they have.

  • Physical/Physiological Effects
  • Sleep disturbances

We often lose track of time when we’re using electronic devices. Excessive phone use could cause abnormal sleeping patterns or insomnia.

  • Obesity

Kids who can use their electronic gadgets whenever they want to – for as long as they want to – have a 30% increased incidence of obesity.

  • Eyesight/Neck/Back Problems

Prolonged exposure to screens can cause strains in our kids’ eyes. And since their posture isn’t usually correct, they could suffer from neck and back aches.

  • Overuse Syndrome

Also known as Repetitive Motion Disorder, this could be caused by smartphone overuse, resulting in pain or sting in the thumb or wrist.

  • Infertility and Other Illnesses

Preliminary studies revealed that the radiation from phones might cause male infertility. Several illnesses are also associated, including fever and diarrhea.

  • Road Accidents

For obvious reasons, teenagers who seem to can’t wait to reply or pick up a call until they’re done driving are prone to accidents and crashes.

Protecting My Family Through the Best Teenage Phone Monitoring App

Aside from being more hands-on and constantly giving out reminders to my teens, I’ve discovered an efficient way of monitoring and regulating their gadget use, the TurboSpy.

Besides being a reliable GPS location tracker, TurboSpy lets you remotely check your kid’s phone activities and online engagements – from text messages to social media posts to web search history to multimedia files.

TurboSpy captures and shows data in real-time, making it easier for us parents to identify and address issues, threats, and risks. All you have to do is download and install the app, then regularly check the control panel. You must download and install the app, then periodically check the control panel dashboard. 


It may seem like it, but technology is not the enemy here. If we are wise enough, we can even use technology to fight off cyber threats. TurboSpy, for instance, could be the best cell phone monitoring app for parents.

And as parents or guardians of minors, it’s still our responsibility to ensure the safety and security of our kids/teens, whether online or in real life. So let’s be more proactive.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Are spy apps legal?

The laws may vary in different jurisdictions. But in general, it’s okay to use spy apps to monitor minor kids and ensure their safety.

  • Is TurboSpy an effective and risk-free app to monitor teens?

TurboSpy is a risk-free monitoring app you can install on your kid’s phone. Aside from advanced tracking and monitoring features, it’s programmed with rigid parental controls. 

  • Can I read my child’s text messages remotely using TurboSpy?

TurboSpy captures phone and online activities, including text messages, phone call logs, multimedia files, GPS locations, social media activities, web search history, and so much more.

  • How much is the TurboSpy tracker?

You can enjoy the perks of this efficient monitoring software for as low as a $4.99 monthly fee or a $59.88 one-time fee.