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6 Ways To Hack A Phone In 2022

Hacking is basically breaking into an electronic device such as a smartphone. It’s similar to stealing or taking something by brute force but in a digital landscape and a more sophisticated manner. Hacking or wanting to know how to hack into someone’s phone is often frowned upon because the act has negative connotations. Phone hacking, in truth, has two faces so to speak.

The reason behind wanting to hack a locked phone or wanting to learn about free phone hacking techniques will primarily determine whether hacking, in that case, is ethical or downright intrusive. Ethical hacking is when you enter a phone’s operating system for security purposes or remove system vulnerabilities. Invasive or illegal hacking is when you access target phones without the consent of phone users; this is usually to steal personal information for malicious purposes. That said, here are some ways to hack a phone; however, we share this for the sake of informing and not, in any way, to encourage intrusive hacking. With that out of the way, read on to learn more.

How To Hack An iPhone

People might ask, ’Is my phone hacked?’ but they are rarely iPhone users. Apple devices, including iPhones, are, after all, known for their top-tier security. This does not, however, mean that iPhones can’t be hacked. Certain types of malware can infiltrate an iPhone. 

It will surely take a lot of skill and knowledge to hack a smartphone, especially an iPhone. But as mentioned, it’s not exactly impossible. Here are a couple of ways to hack an iPhone.

iCloud or iTunes Credentials

One way to hack an iPhone for free is via Apple ID. For this method, you’ll need the target device’s iCloud access data, internet access for the target device, as well as physical access to the target device.

To initiate the process, go to or go to Settings on your iOS device. Next, log in to iCloud using the Apple ID and Password of your target iPhone. If the device asks you to merge, then you should accept. You will be given the option to sync emails, messages, photos, contacts, and other data. Take note, though, that this won’t allow you to access social media conversations.

Physical access to the target iPhone will be needed if an iCloud backup is not activated on the target device. You’ll have to turn on iCloud backup by going to Settings manually; select the target iPhone’s name > iCloud> iCloud backup.

Recovery Stick

For this method, you’ll need a Windows desktop or laptop with a USB port, an iPhone recovery stick, as well as temporary access to the target iPhone. An iPhone recovery stick allows you to access deleted contacts, browser history, text messages, various messaging apps, and so much more.

First, you’ll need to connect the target iPhone to a USB port on a Windows computer; insert the recovery stick in another USB port of the computer at the same time. The recovery process is completed in around 10 minutes or so, depending on the amount of data. There is also an option to search for specific items such as keywords like drugs, meet, hotel, or other terms that apply to your situation.

How To Hack A Android Phone

Android devices continuously strengthen their security, but there are still ways to hack them even with the improvements. It is crucial to be aware of these types of hacking attempts because, as a result, the hacker can gain access to personal information stored on your mobile phone. 


This method involves creating a web page where your malware is embedded. You can then incorporate this web page in text messages or emails as a hyperlink. Once clicked on, you’ll have access to all data and activities on the Android device. This is, however, dependent on whether they will actually click on the link.

Cloak and Dagger Attack

This method makes use of the “App permissions” feature on the phone. The System Alert Window and Bind Accessibility Service permissions must be granted for this attack to push through. Once this is done, you can manipulate all permissions on the phone, creating virtual confusion. You will then get administrator privilege and can look into safety PIN codes and Passwords.

Through this method, you can easily get information from the target device, initiate secret app installations, modify what the phone user sees, and more. The vulnerability of a target device depends on the Android version.

Other Ways To Hack A Cell Phone

There are also other ways to hack a cell phone remotely that works on both Android and iOS.

Man in the Middle (MITM) Attacks

There are several kinds of MITM attacks, the most commonly known is that hackers take advantage of users connecting to public WiFi. Basically, the hacker intercepts the data as it goes from one point to the other.

Spy and Monitoring Software

Another effective way is via spy apps or phone monitoring apps such as TurboSpy. Such apps or software allow GPS tracking, contacts and phone call tracking, phone camera and multimedia files access, social media, and other in-device and online activity monitoring, and more.

Why Would Someone Hack A Phone?

People will have different reasons for resorting to using hacking tools. Some may be illegal, while some are certainly more acceptable. For more legal reasons, it’s usually tied to the peace of mind and the security of loved ones.

Steal Information

This, obviously, is illegal but is unfortunately what pushes some people to hack phones. They will steal information that they might later use to blackmail the user for large sums of money. They can also use the information for identity theft.

Child Monitoring

Hacking a child’s (minor) device for security and safety reasons is a more acceptable reason. Cell phone apps for monitoring phone and online activities can grant sufficient parental controls.

Employee Monitoring

Another reason to access another device is to keep track of employee activities and even boost employee productivity. Of course, this is only for monitoring company devices and must be explicitly stated to the employees.

Is It Legal To Hack A Cell Phone?

Hacking can either be:


Hacking can be legal in some scenarios including:

  • Parents monitoring their minor child’s phone activities
  • Employers tracking company devices
  • Two adults consenting to it


This pertains to hacking for the purpose of stealing information from the target device. This means that there is no consent from the owner, and the target device is exploited.