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Is Facebook Safe For Your Children To Use?

is facebook safe

In this increasingly digital society that we live in, socialization now takes place in various social networking sites. Facebook, for instance, allows you to keep in touch with friends, family, and just about anyone anywhere on the globe. It’s also an easy and convenient way to connect and become Facebook friends with people who have the same interests as you do. Moreover, Facebook is also a great platform to showcase one’s skills and talents. The question is, is Facebook safe?

When Should Your Children Use Facebook?

How old do you have to be to have Messenger or a Facebook account? This is the main concern for parents when it comes to Facebook or social media use. As per Facebook terms, users must be at least 13-years-old to create a Facebook account. Some parents, however, believe that 13 may still be too young. There’s no ideal age when it comes to the appropriate age to utilize Facebook. There are, after all, many factors that must be considered like the kid’s maturity.

Parents may opt to have their kids use Messenger Kids which is essentially Facebook for kids or a kids’ messaging app. You can also explore the built-in parental controls or use other monitoring tools. Once you decide to create an account for your kids, the next question would be how often or how much time could they spend on Facebook. Again, this is something only you can decide relative to your kid’s age. The main point is you must set a screen time limit for your kids.

Dangers on Facebook

Facebook certainly has its perks and advantages. Still, like any other social networking site, it has its dangers and disadvantages.


Facebook allows you to connect with people across the globe. While this is great in so many aspects, this may also expose your kids to different kinds of people on the internet. Online strangers can very well become your close friends but they could just as easily turn out to be trolls and cyberbullies.

Cyberbullying is a danger that’s rampant on Facebook. It could expose your child to crude language and rude behavior. Cyberbullying can also negatively impact a child’s body image and self-esteem. There’s also the possibility they might copy the behavior and turn to cyberbullies themselves. Even if they are not the target, simply getting exposed to cyberbullying can have a great impact on kids.

Data Breach

A data breach is yet another danger you should look out for when using Facebook. This encompasses data breaches due to user negligence and those that target Facebook and its users in general. 

Identity Theft

Some cybercriminals and fraudsters utilize social media sites like Facebook in scouring for their next victim. Identity theft can happen in various ways. There are also instances where identity theft is done by stitching together information gathered from your Facebook posts. For example, a cybercriminal can glean your full name, address, and other relevant personal information from your Facebook profile and posts. Such information could be utilized to apply for a loan or something similar.

Fake Profiles

Some cybercriminals create fake accounts utilizing someone’s photos grabbed from Facebook. These poser accounts may then be utilized for fraudulent activities. There are instances where fake profiles are used to ask for money from people the victim knows. In some cases, fake accounts are used to post content that could damage the victim’s integrity and reputation.

3 Ways To Protect Your Kids on Facebook

The dangers of using Facebook come in different forms and may cause damage in varying degrees. Before you allow your kids to have their own Facebook account, you must educate them on how to navigate the social media site safely. You also have to make them understand there are real dangers out there and they could easily become the victim if they are not careful or vigilant enough.

There are several ways to keep safe when using Facebook. Some safety precautions must be taught to the kids themselves. There are also some ways that you, as a parent, must initiate yourself.

Don’t Accept Unknown Friend Requests

Make sure to teach your kid to avoid accepting unknown friend requests. Be especially suspicious if the names are in undecipherable characters or are obviously made up. While it is true Facebook is meant to connect people, this does not mean you should just add anyone that sends you a friend request. This is especially true for kids. Make sure your child would only connect with people they know. For younger ones, it’s best that you, as the parent or guardian, regularly check their Facebook friends list. 

Turbo Phone Monitoring App

As much as you want to constantly monitor your kids when using Facebook, that may not always be possible. This is where third-party apps like parental control or monitoring apps could come in handy.

If you decide to use a monitoring app, make sure to choose a reliable one like the Turbo Phone Monitoring App. This third-party monitoring software works with a wide range of devices and operating systems. It also has an easy-to-navigate user interface despite the cutting-edge technology that runs it. Moreover, TurboSpy securely acquires information from your child’s phone and just as securely uploads it so you can conveniently access the data on your dashboard.

TurboSpy also allows parents to keep tabs on a myriad of in-phone and online activities and engagements including the following:

  • Facebook and other social media site and messaging app engagements.
  • Internet browser history.
  • Installed applications.
  • GPS location.
  • Call logs.
  • Text messages.
  • Photos, videos, and other multimedia files.

Utilize Privacy Features

Facebook has built-in security and parental control options in place. For your younger kids, you can tweak the privacy features yourself. Simply explore the Settings Menu, specifically the Privacy & Settings option. This way, you can manage the data Facebook shares with other websites, control who can see your posts, and more. There are also other features you can check out like two-factor authentication, authorized logins, and even Safety Check.

FAQs About Facebook Safely

What are Facebook’s security features?

Facebook has various security features in place including login alerts, two-factor authentication. There are also privacy settings you can manage to control who sees your profile and your posts.

How can I keep my Facebook account secure?

First off, use a strong password and never share it with anyone. Also, make it a habit to always log out after using Facebook. Avoid accepting friend requests from unknown people and clicking on links that may contain malicious software.

How can I get a one-time password for Facebook?

In case you feel unsafe utilizing your actual password, you can text OTP to 36225 (this is for the US only). Facebook will send a temporary six-character password either via text or email. Simply enter that and you’re good to go.

Facebook can be dangerous, especially for kids. Make sure you regularly monitor their activities and engagements. Educate them on the dangers they might face and the measures they can take. Teaching kids to be vigilant in using Facebook is the best way to keep them safe.