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How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages on Android and iPhone without Backup

WhatsApp has become an integral part of modern communication. Accidentally deleting important messages can be distressing, but the good news is that you can recover deleted WhatsApp messages on Android…

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8 Tricks to Manage Phone Screen Time 

Excessive screen time is one of the downsides of technology. Recent studies show that Americans spend an average phone screen time of 7 hours – that’s almost a third of…

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Checklist for App Installation

App installation is as easy as choosing an app and clicking on a few prompts. Easy access to all types of apps does come with some risks. Such risks mainly…

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Safer Phone Use: How to See and Customize App Permissions

Phone use can easily expose you to various threats and dangers. Hence, mobile security is something that manufacturers and developers highly prioritize. App permissions are one of the measures put…

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5 Social Media Platforms Kids Use and the Risks They’re Exposed To

Various social media platforms are used by more than 4 billion people all over the world. As this number grows, the number of kids who have their own social media…

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dangers of online shopping

Beware Of The Dangers Of Online Shopping!

Online shopping has been around for quite some now. The ease of just sitting at home to buy what you need is what makes it so popular.  No more long…

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recover deleted texts

How To Recover Deleted Texts Messages on an iPhone

Many device users constantly look for tips on how to recover deleted text messages on iPhones. This is because iPhones are not known for having much data storage space. And…

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How To Spy On Someone Through Their Phone Camera

There has been a growing number of spy apps and monitoring software readily available in the market. Quite a chunk of such apps doesn’t really work as they claim they…

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view call history on iphone

How To See All Call History On An iPhone

Have you forgotten which phone number someone used to call you recently? Can’t you remember when the last time you talked to someone over the phone was? Do you need…

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cell phone search history

How To View Someone’s Search History On Their Phone

Do you know how to view the search history on someone else’s phone? Many are looking for ways they can do this without being caught. This is because they want…

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