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7 Signs Your Child is Targeted by a Child Predator

The majority of child predators, unfortunately, turn out to be someone you know – an acquaintance, a friend, and even a family member. A false sense of complacency sometimes keeps…

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Child Predators Parents Must Watch Out For 

Anyone could be a child predator, even those you least expect to be one. Child predators are usually associated with sex crimes committed against minors. Someone, though, doesn’t necessarily have…

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8 Tricks to Manage Phone Screen Time 

Excessive screen time is one of the downsides of technology. Recent studies show that Americans spend an average phone screen time of 7 hours – that’s almost a third of…

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Checklist for App Installation

App installation is as easy as choosing an app and clicking on a few prompts. Easy access to all types of apps does come with some risks. Such risks mainly…

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Safer Phone Use: How to See and Customize App Permissions

Phone use can easily expose you to various threats and dangers. Hence, mobile security is something that manufacturers and developers highly prioritize. App permissions are one of the measures put…

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5 Social Media Platforms Kids Use and the Risks They’re Exposed To

Various social media platforms are used by more than 4 billion people all over the world. As this number grows, the number of kids who have their own social media…

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monitor teens electronics TurboSpy

Why I Monitor My Teen’s Electronics and Why You Should Too

Aside from the necessary clothes or accessories, traditional toys, and usual school supplies, parents of this modern era also need to shop for the best iPhone or Android device for…

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Top 5 Best Phone Apps

Recommended – The best spy app without having the phone. Works on all Androids and iPhones Turbo Spy enables you to monitor the activities of any cell phone without having the…

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dangers of online shopping

Beware Of The Dangers Of Online Shopping!

Online shopping has been around for quite some now. The ease of just sitting at home to buy what you need is what makes it so popular.  No more long…

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is facebook safe

Is Facebook Safe For Your Children To Use?

In this increasingly digital society that we live in, socialization now takes place in various social networking sites. Facebook, for instance, allows you to keep in touch with friends, family,…

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